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Our media supply chain team spend a lot of time at creating subtitles for deaf and hard-of-hearing people. It consists of writing down the words spoken in the film and describing the sound environment. Subtitling for the deaf and hard-of-hearing is not a translation, but a transcription of sounds, soundscapes and spoken words. Our team must be as faithful as possible to the terms used and only synthesize what is being said to match the rhythm of the film as closely as possible. In order to provide the best possible transcription of all the sounds and to give the reader an idea of their nature, a color code has been introduced by the French government in 2011. - White, when a character speaks on-screen - Yellow, when a character speaks off-screen - Red, for noise indications - Magenta, for musical indications - Cyan, for internal reflections or voice-overs - Green, for foreign-language transcriptions As a French broadcaster, we are bound to follow those requirements to guarantee the quality of subtitling for the deaf and hard-of-hearing but it takes a lot of time.



Our journalists spend too much time at analyzing if a content on social media is fake or has been twisted to claim a supposed truth. With the rise of social media consumption, we have observed a strong increase of fake profiles on social media altering pictures/videos to spread fake news. Our journalists are spotting every day a viral image or video that is leading people to misinformation. Troll factories are spreading and create fake accounts to launch countless fake information through click bait pictures and videos. A picture taken a few years ago in a different context can easily be used to promote another truth in a current war. It is the job of our journalists to check if this content is true and can be used on our news report.



As a daycare center company, we are actively seeking a cutting-edge software solution to modernize our daycare management processes. Our objective is to find a comprehensive tool that can adeptly handle key functionalities, including streamlined registration and pre-registration management, efficient contract administration, precise scheduling management for both children and staff, seamless billing processes, and robust employee management with integrated time and attendance tracking. Additionally, the software should offer sophisticated reporting capabilities, covering metrics such as billing rates and daycare occupancy rates. The primary users of this software will be daycare directors, alongside support functions like accounting, legal, and operations, situated in the teams of the daycare network headquarters. Our current internal tool, which also serves as the central repository for all daycares in our network, is facing challenges due to obsolete technologies, performance issues, ergonomic constraints, data duplication, and functional deficiencies. Hence, we are actively in the market for a modern and efficient daycare management software that can seamlessly replace our existing system and cater to the diverse needs of our daycare network.