Software search & intelligence platform

Get more out of your Tech stack

Whether you are seeking to save on software renewals, evaluating new software, or consolidating your portfolio, augment your Tech Stack Value with 

the power of generative AI.

Overwhelmed by software selection complexity?

is different.


3 weeks vs 3 months

We focus on the essential without sacrifying breadth of analysis


0$ taken from vendors

 We don’t take money from solution providers and focus only on buyers requirements

Cost Effective

1/10th of the cost

Our technology delivers to you the insights of an average of 20 to 30 expert interviews

VektIQ combines decision science principles, software industry experience & powered by:

Generative AI

to gather experts and vendors intelligence on your challenge

Data Science

to identify the best solution for your specific use case

Digital platform

to orchestrate and speed up the whole process

Tell us about your problem, we'll find the best software solution for you


60 minutes
Insightful problem
statement captured & refined by Generative AI
Leverage vendor's insights
Business's problem description self service fast


A few hours
Consolidation of research results in personalised report
Vendors intelligence collection about your use case
Activable ranking with ability to contact directly sales
Leverage vendor's insights
Business's problem description self service fast


Up to 2 weeks
Vendors intelligence collection about your use case
Consolidation of research results in personalised report
Vendor's unbiased ranking


Vendor's unbiased ranking
Final process fast-tracking
Activable ranking with ability to contact directly sales

Choosing the best solution on the market is extremely painful:

At VektIQ, we do things differently.

The best subject-matter experts are the ones who created software solutions to solve your specific problem: the software vendors.

In less than 3 weeks, our AI will engage with all relevant software vendors to get their unique perspective on your problem. From that vast amount of unstructured data, our AI is able to outline what the best solution for your use-case is thanks to data science principles.

Those insights power our AI and Data Science engine to find the best solution for your specific use case.

Who is it for?

C-level executives


Gain competitive advantage by accelerating sourcing of innovative technologies

Business & IT leaders


Find relevant solutions to solve your business problem without going through painful RFP



Increase your sourcing options, Challenge and Rationalize decisions on vendors selection

They trust us

Latest publications

This case study is about moving away from in-house TMS to a market solution for a logistic company, freight forwarder, operating in the medical space.   Client’s Problem:   Our customer would like to have a benchmark of the transport management systems (TMS) existing in the market to manage value-added shipments (low value, high value).  […]

This case study is about the search for a personal data anonymization software.   Client’s problem statement Client is a French group of publishing companies, subsidiary of a large conglomerate. It is the second-largest French publishing group. They are looking for an anonymization solution of personal data for their corporate non-production environnements. Their IT gathers a […]

This case study is about the ESG software search for a Postal Services company.   Client’s business problem   The postal services company responsible for the delivery of national and international mail. It provides a range of postal, courier, direct marketing, banking, insurance, and electronic services. It seeks to consolidate all their ESG data from […]





Frequently Asked Questions

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Vektiq can be used for any software investment decisions whether you are on the hunt of a new software, renewals, portfolio rationalization and also audit, IT planning, market scanning,…

All vendors answers and data is passed along to the buyer requiring the assessment. The data is no used between assessments.

Their answers are gauged versus similar vendors, thus if answers are not provided truthfully and completely it creates a distance in their score vs competitors.

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Contrarily to software analysts we are not receiving any money from vendors (either directly or by integrating them), thus we are not obliged to put some in a privileged situation.

As a Software Vendor, vektIQ allowsyou  to identify Sales Qualified Lead, thus increasing  potential revenue with little to no work.

Credit/debit cards (easy to put a VektIQ assessment as a business expense) or bank transfers (with your procurement involvement).